Jun 28, 2013

Enduring Enlistments: LGBT GI Resisters and Anti-War Veterans Navigating Contradictions (2012)

And in honor of SF Pride selling out the anti-war legacy of the SF queer community by maligning Bradley Manning right before the biggest court martial in U.S. history AND inviting military recruiters to Pride this year, I'm posting this 2012 paper, originally prepared as conference remarks, on queer politics and GI resistance:

Thanks to IVAW members and members of the Killeen/Fort Hood queer scene for helping us think, feel, and organize our way through these issues.

Pride and Prejudice: Race, Proposition 8, and the Neoliberalization of LGBT Politics (2010)

In honor of the DOMA ruling, I am posting this paper I wrote in 2010 on the gay marriage and the neoliberalization of LGBT politics:

Also, did I mention that I am so excited to be making a commitment to my love this Fall, and to be attending the commitment ceremonies/weddings of two of my gay bff's this Summer? DON'T HATE. ORGANIZE.