Mar 26, 2009

Stage call

Dear Dance-Daddy,

We are a trio of mixed-gender, deviant artists. We are all intelligent, creative, well-read, and multi-lingual visionaries. We are looking for the psychic-campy-mind-kink arrangement of a generous patron to support our quarter-life dance-troupe dreams.

We need an attentive, supportive stage-Daddy to watch us from the wings as we develop into the performers that we know we can be. We are seeking a benefactor to support our regular attendance of dance classes, healing bodywork treatments, and other needs we may have as developing dancers.

You may wish to proudly watch our dance classes from the sidelines, enjoy private performances, outfit us in matching costumery, or commission portraiture of our team for framed 8x10 glossies. We are equally open to a loving coach who would like to plot our training program, a theatrical mentor, a wise art director, or simply a silent backstage admirer.

If you interested in helping baby out of the corner once and for all, we are ready for our stage call.

The West End Girls

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