Jul 26, 2009

Notice of Intent to Squish

When I started writing for this blog, I originally planned to have this be a place where I posted things of a deep-winger nature. I wanted a place of dialogue and collaboration where smarty pants weird girls might try to talk about some of the things we are paying attention to. Part of this vision meant maybe reserving some of my more political postings for another location, but lately I’ve really begun to question the logic with which I determine what writing is and isn’t political, and am also cozying up to the fact that this has turned out to be a less collaborative project than I’d hoped (though I’m awaiting Tuesday’s article on epilator time theft any day now).

My friend and I have taken on a new practice of summer list-making and the longest list so far is a "things that are squished together" list. If you are wondering if somethings are actually squished or just otherwise put together, the only way to tell is to ask yourself if they would come apart in a peeling motion or not.

This has got me to thinking about all the kinds of knowing that are squished together in the world. Kinds of knowing that would definitely have to be peeled if they were able to come apart at all. I suppose I'm feeling like the political and the woo and the everything else are a little more squished together than I wanted to imagine and if I'm going to do some poking and peeling it will just be to expose the layers better, but not because I actually want to isolate them from each other all together.

If the blog in the world is actually about mapping connections between disparate seeming bodies of information, I have begun to question why I would further enforce a political/weirdo division of labor on my own thinking and writing. In particular, when I already feel semi torn asunder by this division in the world at large and when this paradox is one I hold to be especially precious in myself.

So I’m going to try something different. When something bubbles to the surface that has more to do with accountability structures in the non-profit world rather than iPhone applications that don’t exist yet or frozen yogurt or apocalypse purse packing, I am going to post it anyway and see how it works out.

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